enduro T2100 – powerful, flexible tandem AAS

enduro T2100

The enduro T2100 is a tandem flame and furnace atomic absorption spectrometer. This instrument provides enhanced flexibility, while inheriting the high-performance capabilities of the enduro Zeeman technology. Seamlessly transition between Zeeman effect and deuterium lamp background correction as well as flame and graphite furnace atomizer to increase analysis capabilities.


• Experience unparalleled accuracy with our Background Correction method options: Zeeman and D2 lamp.
• Discover the power of our Flame and Graphite Furnace Tandem System, designed to revolutionize your analytical capabilities.
• Automated or manual switching between flame and graphite furnace in less than 2 seconds, you’ll save valuable time without compromising
on accuracy.
• Fully interlocked gas control system, providing you with peace of mind while you focus on breakthrough discoveries.

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