Certified Performance Verification Kits for UV-Vis Spectrometers

GBC Scientific Equipment announces the release of two new test kits for performance verification of UV-Visible Spectrometers; a certified UV-Visible Reference Kit and a Neutral Density Filter Kit.

The UV-Visible Reference Kit is traceable to standards certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). For quality assurance and traceability, the photometric and wavelength standards are supplied with a certificate and a report detailing the relevant results for the cells. Each cell is individually engraved with the identifying number of certificate.

This kit consists of seven sealed quartz cells containing solutions which can be used to check the photometric accuracy, wavelength accuracy, stray light and resolution of any UV-Visible spectrometer. It is ideal for laboratories where regular testing of instrument performance is required by regulatory bodies and in particular, pharmaceutical laboratories and laboratories accredited to ISO 9001.

Also available is the Neutral Density Filter Kit which contains three filters of nominal transmittance—10%, 20% and 30% as well as a blank holder. These filters are ideal for quality control laboratories where such standards are required for long term evaluation of the photometric accuracy of a UV-Visible spectrometer.

Both these kits offer users the confidence that their instrument is maintained at peak performance levels and ensures integrity of results. For more information contact your local GBC distributor or contact us.

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