Ten Safety Interlocks

Comprehensive flame control interlocks provide a safer instrument.

Safety without sacrificing any performance is what the SavantAA is all about.A full range of interlocks ensures trouble free operation even with inexperienced operators.Safety interlocks include:

  • Ignition of flame is prevented if no burner is installed, or is not installed
  • The flame will not change-over to a nitrous oxide-acetylene flame if the
    correct burner is not installed.
  • Pressure sensors on the air, acetylene and nitrous oxide gas supplies
    continually monitor the pressure so that the flame will not ignite if the
    pressure is too low, or the flame will be shut down if the pressure drops
    while it is burning.
  • The oxidant flow (air or nitrous oxide) is continuously monitored to ensure that the flame can be ignited or shut down in the correct manner if the flow is insucient. Insucient oxidant flow can result in a flashback. GBC is the only company to oer this important safety feature.
  • A flame sensor shuts o the gases if the flame is extinguished for any reason. This prevents the laboratory from filling up with gas.
  • An integral liquid trap with built-in liquid level sensor prevents ignition or shuts down the flame if there is insufficient liquid in the trap.
  • Sensors on both the nebulizer bung and pressure relief bung ensure that they are correctly in place. Ignition is prevented or the flame is correctly shut down if either of the bungs is not
    correctly positioned.
  • A mains power sensor shuts down the flame in the correct sequence if the power supplied to the instrument is interrupted.