Fully Programmable Flame Control

Programmable flame control improves accuracy and ensures optimum gas flows for every element every time you open a method.

02-Flame The programmable flame control on the SavantAA and SavantAA Σ, offers significant productivity improvements compared to manual or auto gasbox configurations. The added safety features are of real benefit for nitrous oxide-acetylene analyses, or when inexperienced operators are using the instrument.

Gas flow settings are stored along with many other instrument parameters with each method. This ensures that gas flow settings are accurately reproduced every time the method is used resulting in greater analytical accuracy, trouble free operation and time savings.

Gas flow settings may also be optimized for every individual element in a multi-element analysis. These flows are automatically adjusted and flame types can also be changed automatically without any operator intervention. This is particularly important for analyses close to the detection limit.

Flame stability is enhanced because gas flow adjustment is smoothly and continuously variable across the entire operating range. This is achieved by continuously-variable needle valves controlled by micro-stepper motors, eliminating the flame pulsations which will occur in solenoid-operating systems.