OptiMass Installed in Europe

THE OptiMass is a success in Europe!

The first installation is at the National Nuclear Research Institute in Pitesti, Romania where it is used for development of new fuel structures for the Romanians CANDU reactor program. The Romanians hope to develop innovative new reactor fuels based on Uranium/Zirconium alloys. This is to support an ongoing CANDU based nuclear power industry to meet the future electrical requirements of Romania.

Another OptiMass was installed at the Polytechnik Lodzka (one of Europe’s premier educational institutes) in Poland. It is being used in studies of lichens and mosses as an environmental monitors for assessing heavy metal contaminants in the environment.This group also analyses hair samples using Laser Ablation ICP-oTOFMS for in-vivo monitoring of heavy metals in human subjects working in different industries.